Mobile Case Platform™

Designed specifically as an extension of IBM FileNet P8, RGB’s patent pending Mobile Case Platform™ facilitates real-time remote interaction between web-enabled devices and IBM P8 BPM/Case Manager and provides the foundation for fully scalable and customizable mobile solutions across a wide variety of industries.

By leveraging the platform’s components – Mobile Forms Manager™, Mobile Content Manager™ and Mobile Case Manager™ – bundled with RGBmobile’s expertise, customers will benefit from a solution that quickly and seamlessly transforms their content and processes from deskbound to mobile-enabled.

Mobile Case Platform™ allows users to:

Gather case-related data in the field (both connected and disconnected)
Check-in case-related content remotely
Initiate IBM BPM/Case Manager (ICM) workflow remotely
Participate in a BPM/ICM workflow remotely
Utilize wireless synchronization over a wireless cellular or Wi-Fi connection

Mobile Case Platform™ technology accelerates time-to-value through the following benefits of mobility:

Solves the “first mile” problem by significantly reducing the capture time between initial data gathering to FileNet workflow submission
Enhances customer satisfaction through instantaneous response time to demands or events
Increases business agility by eliminating need to carry physical documentation
Improves productivity and reduces operating costs by enabling mobile participation in active workflow as well as instant access to critical work data

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