Mobile Content Search™

Mobile Content Search™ enables FileNet users with quick and easy query, browse, and view capabilities for selected content stored in a P8 repository in real-time from anywhere using a web-enabled mobile device. Featuring an intuitive home page that is universally familiar to users in design and function, this unique FileNet search tool leverages existing P8 security settings so only appropriate content is returned no matter how broad the query.

Mobile Content Search™ can be implemented as a standalone FileNet P8 extension or as a component of a customized Mobile Case Platform™ solution.

Benefits of integrating Mobile Content Search™:

Easily browse and view content stored in P8 anywhere in real-time*
Simple, fast and intuitive searches lead to greater productivity
Improves business agility by eliminating the need to carry physical documentation
Search request data can be minimalized to return relevant documents
Dramatically reduces processing time, improving the bottom line
Seamless and secure integration with FileNet P8

Mobile Content Search™ is an add-on service for existing IBM FileNet ECM customers.

*Assumes Internet connectivity.