Mobile FileNet P8 Solutions
Throughout every industry, mobile devices are clearly transforming the way business is done. Whether processing routine corporate tasks, gathering “on the ground” intelligence or making data-critical decisions, real-time mobile workflow participation is essential for effective case management in today’s complex business environment.

As the global leader in mobile FileNet P8 technology solutions, RGBmobile offers an innovative suite of mobile P8 extension products built on the proprietary Mobile Case Platform™that:

Solves the “first mile” problem by significantly decreasing the costly delay between remote data gathering and transfer into a FileNet system
Enables interaction between web-enabled mobile devices and IBM FileNet P8 BPM/Case Manager
Delivers customized solutions to easily overcome industry-specific challenges
Increases responsiveness and reaction time, improving the quality of service provided within organizations and to customers
Facilitates the quick and easy gathering of reliable “on the ground” intelligence, which results in better decision making
Creates business agility by eliminating need for physical paperwork and allowing work to be done on the spot rather than at the desk